Adorable New Detective Pikachu Animated Short Spotlights Tim And His Gruff Buddy

The Pokemon Company has released a cute new Detective Pikachu short that sees the dynamic duo solving a rather puzzling mystery.

Published: October 25, 2023 9:39 AM /


Detective Pikachu sitting at the breakfast table with an apple and a cup of coffee

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released a rather endearing new Detective Pikachu short that sees the gruff little sleuth and his buddy Tim solving a bite-sized mystery.

In the short, Detective Pikachu is trying to film his morning routine, but Tim wanders into shot while looking for a flan that has disappeared from the duo's fridge.

Tim and Pikachu sitting side by side in the new Detective Pikachu animated short
Our two heroes are once again on the case.

Tim accuses Pikachu of stealing the flan, but, of course, our hero is innocent of the crime.

Suspicion then falls on the Munchlax who is helping Pikachu film his morning routine. Did Munchlax commit the crime, or is he being set up to take the fall?

Before long, the net widens, and Detective Pikachu and Tim must investigate "The Mystery of the Missing Flan". Obviously, it's no Murder on the Orient Express, but it's a sweet little yarn.

Unfortunately, we can't embed the video, but you can check it out right here.

I won't spoil the resolution of the mystery for you, but suffice it to say you might have some difficulty seeing the ending coming.

Munchlax trying to explain himself to Tim and Detective Pikachu in the new animated short
It's okay, Munchlax. I believe you.

Following the conclusion, Munchlax seemingly enlists our intrepid detective heroes to chase down another mystery. Maybe we'll get to see that one in the form of an animated short as well!

This animated short follows hot on the heels of this month's Detective Pikachu Returns, a followup to the 3DS mystery adventure.

Once again starring Detective Pikachu and Tim Goodman, the game takes place in Ryme City and sees the pair investigating another case together.

Gameplay-wise, Returns is very similar to the 3DS original, but it also features a number of new Pokemon that hadn't been created when the 2016 game was released.

To celebrate the game's release, Niantic's Pokemon Go held a crossover event earlier this month, in which players could capture a Pikachu in a detective hat.

You can grab Detective Pikachu Returns right now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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