2D Souls-Like Unworthy Prepares To Live On May 29th

Published: May 23, 2018 12:41 PM /



Unworthy, a hardcore 2D Metroidvania Souls-like (whew), launches worldwide on PC May 29th.

The game is the second effort from indie dev Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, and pitches its tent firmly in the proud tradition of difficult 2D Metroidvania action-RPGs. Kuzmanovic describes Unworthy, via its Steam page, as a "hardcore combat-focused Metroidvania", in which players can "explore a grim universe, discover new weapons and abilities, and defeat the vile creatures that plague the land".

To mark the release date announcement, Kuzmanovic also uploaded a release trailer to his official YouTube account. You can check out the release trailer for Unworthy here:


The trailer shows off some of the game's mechanics, as well as its grim black-and-white pixel aesthetic. Unworthy sees players traversing a hostile world, avoiding traps and battling enemies and bosses. Unlike most 2D Souls-like games, though, players are unable to jump, so enemy attacks and hazards must be avoided by rolling or shielding. The game also features a "Sin" mechanic; defeated enemies drop Sin, which can be used to purchase items in a similar fashion to souls in the Souls series and Blood Echoes in Bloodborne. Although Unworthy is pretty explicitly paying homage to Dark Souls and its ilk, though, it's perhaps most reminiscent of Salt and Sanctuary, a similar 2D Metroidvania with Souls-like combat.

Narratively, much like Salt and Sanctuary, Unworthy isn't giving too much away; players will control "a nameless warrior", who "wanders a ruined landscape in search of meaning". The ambiguity of narrative is a key tenet of the Souls series, so it's not surprising to see some titles inspired by those games following the same lead. We'll doubtless know more about the game's storyline, as well as the intricacies of its mechanics when it launches.

Aleksandar Kuzmanovich is an indie developer based in Toronto. Unworthy will be his second major effort, after fast-paced score-attack platformer Gunlock. It'll be interesting to see how he turns his hand to a more slow-paced, contemplative style of gameplay.

Unworthy will be released on Steam May 29th and will cost $14.99 at launch.

Looking forward to getting your hands on Unworthy? What are your thoughts on the "hardcore action-RPG" subgenre? Let us know in the comments!

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