2 New Battleborn Heroes Revealed

Published: December 31, 2015 12:29 PM /



Even though Gearbox announced a delay recently for their FPS MOBA-like Battleborn, this of course, does not mean that the info mill has stopped churning. In an exclusive reveal over at IGN, Gearbox has announced 2 new heroes for the upcoming game: Ghalt and Deande. 

Ghalt is a bulky hero who was the first to become Battleborn. A veteran soldier through and through, Ghalt is a beloved hero who witnessed the coming of the as of yet unknown main antagonist of the game.

Ghalt wields a large shotgun and manipulates the battlefield by luring enemies into traps, which players can throw down in the arena. When an unfortunate enemy activates the trap they will be stunned, and this ability can be modified to inflict more damage, make you invisible or can spawn small turrets that give you some nifty cover fire. Ghalt also has a hook he can fire at enemies which pulls them closer to you so you and your team can finish him off. 

Ghlats ultimate ability allows him to use 2 shotguns at once, doubling his damage for and burst output for a short time. 

The second new hero is Deande, an immortal spymaster that fills the role of an assassin on the battlefield. Players who play Deande will mostly be focused on stealth tactics and melee combat using her dagger-like fans to inflict massive damage on whoever is unlucky enough to come between her and her target. Deande is capable of creating clones of herself that mimic the player's playstyle to confuse enemies (not unlike Nova in Heroes of the Storm). Throwing out this decoy clone instantly cloaks Deande, allowing you to get up, close and personal with your enemy, knocking them back with quick melee hits and the stereotypical rogue sneak attack you see in many RPGs. You can modify this ability to do more damage when you attack your enemy from behind. 

Deande's ultimate let's her bounce around on the battlefield while striking the enemy for 10 times, with every enemy hit being stunned for a few seconds. You can aim your strikes by pointing at the enemies you want to hit. When there's only one enemy within range, all 10 strikes will hit that enemy. 

Battleborn is set to release on May 3, 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will include these 2 heroes plus 23 other ones. 7 heroes are instantly available upon buying the game, with all the others being unlocked as you play through the game's story.

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