11 bit Studios Teams Up with War Child Charity

Published: January 15, 2015 12:21 PM /


war child

11 bit studios, the developers of the hit indie game This War of Mine, have announced on Steam that they will be having a charity raffle, with all proceeds going to the War Child charity foundation. Everyone who donates at least one dollar will have a chance of winning one of several available prizes. Donations can be made from the 15th to the 29th of January. Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on February 7th.

The following prizes are available to be won:

  • 1x Alienware 14” laptop
  • 1x NVIDIA Geforce GTX980 graphic card
  • 1x NVIDIA Shield tablet + Shield controller
  • 10x Steelseries Stratus controller
  • 10x Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism gaming headset
  • 25x codes for This War of Mine
War Child is a UK-based organization, founded in 1993. Its purpose to help children in countries currently experiencing war, or the aftermath of war. They have operations in several countries around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Uganda. Workers for War Child, are often placed into dangerous situations. These countries are incredibly volatile and violence can erupt when you least expect it to.

One of the major issues they deal with is a lack of education for children in war-torn countries. Sometimes education can save lives, when it comes to teaching kids how to avoid land mines. War Child helps with the construction of schools, as well as educating locals so they can take on the roles of teachers. They also pay for school supplies.

There are also a large number of children whose lives are in danger every day, and the charity aims to help as many of them as it can. In some countries child soldiers are forced into war zones. Sometimes they serve in support roles, such as cooks, but in other cases the children actually take part in combat where they will have to kill or be killed. War Child is working to reintegrate child soldiers into society with counseling and education.

War Child also helps in numerous other ways, such as training social workers, working to reunite children that have been separated with their families, and working with local authorities to aid in the enforcement of child protection laws. If you want help out this great cause, you can donate right now.


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