Weedcraft Inc Tips for the Budding Businessman

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We've put together some Weedcraft Inc tips that will help both new and experienced players get a handle on the game! While this is a lot like many other tycoon/simulation games out there today, Weedcraft Inc also has its fair share of quirks that can make things challenging. This Weedcraft Inc guide should help you understand some of the more difficult parts and make your entire experience easier than it would be on your own.

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Weedcraft Inc Tips for Beginners

Illegal sales cost you money

The first scenario begins with selling illegally as the only option. This is a bit of a strange choice on the part of Vile Monarch as it's much more difficult to sell weed illegally in the game. You're going to have to use equipment to conceal your operation and set up front businesses to reduce the police's attention. Switch to legal sales as soon as you can!

Once you do have legal sales, you'll have the option to sell illegally at the same time as legally. Although you'll earn more money, you'll lose a good chunk of it bribing the police and trying to keep your operations under the radar. You may be able to min/max things to turn a profit, but it will be a lot more work for not that much more benefit.

Tailor your product to your customers

Each type of customer has certain things that they like. Whether you're selling legally or illegally, you're going to have some competition to deal with.

The key to selling well is the Star Rating of your product. You can increase this somewhat by improving the Cannabis Acceptance of the group through Advertising and by adjusting the price, but that can only do so much for you. Ultimately, the thing that matters the most is hitting as many of the desired qualities as you can. Ideally, you want to hit all of them.

Immediately deal with red notifications

The notification tab on the top left of the screen will continually tell you about all sorts of changes. Competition being eliminated, employees leveling up, and all sorts of other low-priority things will pop up here. Most of these can be safely ignored, but certain critical messages will occasionally pop up.

Every now and again, your competition is going to cause some serious damage to one of your businesses. Typically, they'll destroy some equipment at one of your grow houses and make it run less efficiently. Deal with these problems immediately by going to the location and repairing the damage.



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Weedcraft Inc Guide - Managing your Business

Each employee can do up to 5 tasks

When I first started playing the game, I thought that employees could only do one thing at a time. It turns out that an employee can handle five jobs. That means that you can run up to separate locations with only two people.

Pay your employees well — it's worth it

You may be tempted to pay your employees as little as possible, but there are downsides to being cheap with your workers. Paying them too little makes them more likely to accept an offer from another organization and leave. A high-skilled employee running off with the competition can put a serious damper on your income, especially if you have to train up someone to replace them.

When you go for a raise, I'd advise that you aim roughly for the middle of the slider. You don't have to go all out, but your employees will appreciate it.

Always upgrade your growers, but hold off on upgrading your salesmen

Here's one of the more important Weedcraft Inc tips: experienced growers will pay for themselves. The more skilled they are, the higher-quality weed they can produce. They'll make it faster, too. Suffice it to say, they will handily pay for themselves.

Salesman are another matter. You're not likely to be producing enough of a surplus to justify their faster sales speed for some time. I recommend keeping them at skill level 2 and only upgrading it once you start to build up a surplus of goods.

Have redundancies in your staffing

As you progress through the skill tree, you'll have the ability to hire more than the default three employees. A fourth employee can be picked up with a skill point relatively early on in the game and you can earn a fifth a little ways past the mid-game.

At first, you should go for two growers and one salesman. (As the previous point establishes, growers are much more important than salesmen.) Your fourth employee should be made a salesman. Your fifth employee should specialize in spying; a skill level of 2 should be enough to get the job done, although it can't hurt to upgrade it if you're rolling in money.


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Weedcraft Inc Guide - Growing Custom Strains

Start researching as soon as you can

A research lab may not seem like a good investment early on in the game, but it will pay for itself in the long run. As soon as you can build a research lab, build one at the cheapest possible location and assign one of your growers to it. You'll only need one; it will provide plenty of research by the time you want to start heavily researching custom strains.

Blend together strains to gain new effects

Pretty much every effect in the game is going to be enjoyed by one customer group or another. It can't hurt to take some time to blend strains together in an effort to uncover new effects.

Create special batches to fill the empty spaces

Very few customers will require something that uses all six slots. It is therefore a good idea to create a few custom strains with the beneficial effects of higher quality, faster growth, and higher yields.

As long as you have a strain with the effect in two spaces, you can blend it with another to "spread" the effect to other slots with mutation turned on. Save it once you have all six filled with the same effect. After that's done, you can blend this weed with your other strains and fill the free spaces with beneficial effects.


That's it for our Weedcraft Inc guide! Hopefully, these Weedcraft Inc tips will help you get a better handle on the game. It's a complex game, but it can be a lot of fun once you understand it! Go ahead and grab it on Steam if it seems like your kind of jam.

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