Weedcraft Inc 4/20 Trailer Features The Return of Nina Struthers

Published: April 20, 2019 10:00 AM /


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Yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter, but today is a somewhat... different kind of worldwide holiday. A Weedcraft Inc 4/20 trailer has been released, celebrating the day that stoners around the world blaze up. What's more, the trailer features the return of Devolver's charming, beautiful, and scary-in-a-hot-kind-of-way Chief Synergy Officer Nina Struthers.

Take a look at the Weedcraft Inc 4/20 trailer titled CHILL INTERRUPTED for yourself and bask in the glory of a hostile takeover:


In NO CHILL, we see a group of people smoking what is implied to be cannabis and talking about the various sorts of nonsensical topics that somehow always seem to emerge in this situation. A pair of armed men burst into the room, making for a serious downer on what was otherwise a pretty chill party. Devolver Digital's Chief Synergy Officer Nina Struthers then bursts into the room and states that she's taking one of the groups strains and selling it through her own company.

The trailer's description concludes with "Demonetize this, bitches.", a reference to streams and videos of the game facing demonetization on YouTube. A statement from YouTube provided to TechRaptor noted that they have a policy against "content that features the sale or use of illegal or regulated drugs is not suitable for advertising" without otherwise specifying anything about the videos themselves.

Of course, the Weedcraft Inc 4/20 trailer was all done in good fun. The character of Chief Synergy Officer Nina Struthers is played by the delightful actress Mahria Zook whose other work includes Chaldea and Tabitha: Witch of the Order. Gamers, however, will know her best as the star of Devolver's recent E3 presentations which make fun of the culture surrounding one of the world's largest gaming conventions and quickly go off the rails into surreal, absurd comedy, all the while showing off trailers for Devolver Digital's upcoming games.

As for 4/20, this specific date is associated with the number 420 which has a measure of significance within cannabis culture. Legends have come and gone about its exact origin, but it's generally accepted that 4:20 PM is the time of day to smoke weed and the date of April 20th (or 4/20 in American notation) is a day of special importance.

weedcraft inc review growing
Weedcraft Inc has players taking a budding cannabis business and turning it into an empire little by little.

We reviewed Weedcraft Inc and found it to be an interesting take on the tycoon genre. It's certainly a fun game, although you may want to read our tips and tricks to make the most out of your time with the game. If you don't yet already own the game, you can pick it up for $17.99 on Steam or $16.99 DRM-free on GOG, a 10% and 15% discount, respectively, off of its retail price of $19.99. In the meantime, we can (hopefully) look forward to the return of Nina Struthers at this year's E3.

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What do you think of the Weedcraft Inc 4/20 trailer? Do you plan on buying Weedcraft Inc on 4/20? Let us know in the comments below!

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