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June is an exciting time for many in the gaming world. E3 can be a cornucopia of delights for lovers of all games great and small, but there are many companies offering excellent services that sometimes get swept up in the noise. Among them is Limited Run Games, who make some mighty fine physical versions of digital-only games. The company's remit is mostly PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch. Last year's E3 conference saw Limited Run poking a bit of gentle fun at the conference and other studios, as well as announcing several excellent boxed indie releases led by life sim-come-RPG Golf Story and Metroidvania Iconoclasts.

This year, Limited Run will be announcing several games for current consoles, but this is a bit of a special conference for the company; they'll also be announcing their entire remaining slate of PlayStation Vita games. This will be the final major event for Sony's ill-fated handheld, so if you're hoping for some new Vita boxes to get your hands on, this is where you'll find them. Despite some issues with Vita cartridges on Sony's end, Limited Run was able to get its hands on enough to complete its entire remaining lineup for the console. Sadly, this does probably mean you won't be able to get replacements if you encounter any technical issues - if there aren't any carts to replace them with, replacements are impossible, after all.

There's more waiting for eager fans than just Vita games at Limited Run's show, though. Here are our predictions for the Limited Run Games E3 2019 show.

The Obvious - It'd be more surprising if these didn't show up

Oddworld: New'n'Tasty!

oddworld newntasty limited run

Limited Run has already announced via Twitter that it'll be releasing a physical version of Oddworld: New'n'Tasty for PS3. The release is lined up for June 14th, which makes the game's presence at this year's E3 show pretty much guaranteed. It's already sold out on PlayStation Vita and PS4, so it's clearly a popular release for Limited Run. This is probably the only game we can state with 99.9% certainty (never 100%, of course) will be at Limited Run's E3 show.

Nuclear Throne

Vlambeer's high-octane roguelike top-down shooter (that's a lot of descriptors right there) is perennially popular. The game was released for Nintendo Switch earlier this year and a Limited Run boxed release for PS4 has been on the cards since 2016. We'd be very, very surprised not to see this one at the show. Whether it'll be a full PS4-Vita-Switch three-pointer remains to be seen, but bank on seeing this one. We're looking forward to the artwork.

Visual novels

World End EconomicaNarcissu, and Fault Milestone One are all on Limited Run Games' cards for a PS4 physical release. We haven't heard too much from the company for a while about these games, but we doubt they've been forgotten. Visual novels have a pretty dedicated fanbase, so it's not outside the realms of possibility for Limited Run to throw a bone to that fanbase at E3 2019. The House in Fata Morgana has proven to be a pretty popular release for Limited Run, so dates for the visual novels they're still planning to release will likely be announced this year.

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG

This game came out earlier this year and has already bagged itself a confirmed Limited Run physical release. We don't yet know when it's coming, but it's listed on the official Limited Run website as a boxed release for PS4 and Switch. We know for certain that YIIK won't be getting a Vita physical release because the game didn't come out in time for Limited Run to get physical cartridges for it. Still, we're expecting a concrete date for the Switch and PS4 versions.

The Maybes - High risk, potentially high reward

Jak X

jak x limited run 1

We've already had Limited Run releases of the original Jak and Daxter trilogy. With that in mind, a physical release of Jak X isn't outside the realms of possibility. It's something people have been asking for on social media, too. Jak X isn't as well-regarded as the original trilogy, but it's still a piece of franchise history. It'd be nice to have a boxed release of the game, but we're willing to accept it's not guaranteed.

FAR: Lone Sails

FAR: Lone Sails has managed to garner itself plenty of awards on the indie circuit. We really liked this quiet, understated vehicular adventure game, so we'd love to see a boxed version come to us from Limited Run. Back in 2018, the devs said that a physical version would be possible and that they'd like to do it. The game never came out for Vita, so we won't be seeing it for that platform. Still, it'd be lovely to see a nicely-presented PS4 box for FAR: Lone Sails, if only to give us something to weep over while we play.

SteamWorld Quest / SteamWorld Heist / SteamWorld collection

Wouldn't this be nice? We're massive fans of the SteamWorld games here, and Limited Run has already put out a SteamWorld Dig physical box for PS Vita as well as a SteamWorld Heist box. Obviously, SteamWorld Quest or any kind of SteamWorld collection wouldn't be coming to Vita since Quest wasn't released for that platform. SteamWorld Dig 2 did find its way to Vita, though, so maybe we'll see a collection sans Quest. Either way, having all the wonderful SteamWorld games in one physical box would be charming indeed.

Shantae 5

Limited Run has handled Shantae physical releases before. With that in mind, a physical version of WayForward's upcoming platformer seems like it's pretty much guaranteed. Shantae 5 doesn't have a release date yet, but we could find out when the game will launch at E3. If we do, there's a chance we'll hear something from Limited Run about everyone's favorite half-genie. Limited Run's other physical Shantae releases were beautiful, so we're really hoping for some Shantae 5 news at the conference.

The Don't Hold Your Breaths - Better grab your good luck charm

Literally any Telltale property

minecraft story mode limited run

Limited Run's Josh Fairhurst has documented his woes when trying to buy the physical rights to Telltale's rapidly disappearing catalog. Fairhurst says his offer to buy the rights wasn't accepted. We know that Minecraft: Story Mode will be delisted later this month, which means you won't even be able to download it again if it's not on your system. It's a shame Limited Run won't be offering Telltale titles, but this is definitely not one to hold your breath over.

Sharin no Kuni

There's been something of a drama over physical copies of Vita visual novel Sharin no Kuni. Limited Run says it doesn't have anything to do with the physical release of the game anymore after handing over the production process to a "trusted Asian physical publisher". Those who backed the game on Kickstarter will still be getting their game. You just won't be seeing the Limited Run logo anywhere on that release. As such, this one'll be an E3 2019 no-show.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Last year's best puzzle game by far has had many people asking after a Switch release. Creator Lucas Pope acknowledges the requests but says he hasn't quite figured anything out for that platform yet. We've spent many a daydream drooling over the prospect of a Return of the Obra Dinn physical release (imagine the extra materials!) but we're forced to admit this won't be happening this year, at least. Fingers crossed for next year; there's definitely demand for this game. Maybe once Pope figures out a console release, boxed games will follow.

Underworld Ascendant

Ha ha ha...ha ha ha. Yeah, not likely.

What do you want to see from Limited Run's E3 2019 presentation? What games would you like to see getting a boxed release? Let us know in the comments below!

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