Hobo Tough Life Storage Guide

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Hobo Tough Life Storage

Hobo: Tough Life is a game where you take on the life of a hobo, rummaging for scraps and items. You can use everything you find to both improve your stature and your hideout. With harsh systems that punish you for not managing your health and status effectively, you can quickly die and lose everything you're holding. Hobo Tough Life Storage is incredibly important so that you can collect enough resources to keep growing your hideout. In line with Survival crafters like Green Hell, it's not always obvious and you might need a little help. Here's how you do it.

Hobo Tough Life Storage Guide

This is not readily noticeable or explained if you're not paying close attention to the early(ish) quests, but you can store up to 20lbs (to start) of items in your Hobo: Tough Life stash. You can gradually upgrade this amount by adding more furniture and items to your hideout through crafting or purchasing them from others.

To open up the stash and store items, simply head to your hideout and open the menu. Alongside the top you'll see a tab that looks like an open box - this is your Hobo Tough Life storage. Simply select items on the left that you want to store, and should you die or get arrested, they'll be safe here!

Anything items stored in your stash can be used at the crafting bench too, so you don't need to move them between your main inventory and the stash!

Hobo Tough Life Storage
Simple to use, easy to miss

The ability to store items in Hobo: Tough Life is incredibly important, and forgetting to do so can lose you some of your most valuable items you'll need to complete the game. Make sure to take the time to move things into your stash, craft things to lower the weight used, and then you'll be on your way to being the Beggar King.

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