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The Scholastics
The Scholastics
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March 28, 2022 (Calendar)
Adventure, RPG
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Wigmund is a unique open-world isometric RPG where players will control Wigmund's sword with gestures from their mouse. Some encounters might still be simple hack and slash fests, but instead of pressing a button or two, the player is moving their mouse left to slash left, or their mouse right to slash right. 

While doing that, as Wigmund, players are tasked to explore a medieval fantasy world and uncovering the New Regime's dark secrets. This means ruined castles, dangerous caverns, forgotten ruins, and outlaw camps must be explored while also gathering multiple allies, equipment, and upgradable skills.

Wigmund is now available on Steam.

Developer Quote

Wigmund is an open-world, single player, isometric fantasy RPG with a unique game-play that tests the dexterity of the gamer. The mouse becomes an extension of hero's weapon. The player takes on the role of a knight who fights the evil Pseudo-king Antiochus.