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Caligari Games
Caligari Games
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September 15, 2022 (Calendar)

Whateverland is a non-linear point and click adventure game set in the titular magical world that acts as a prison to its inhabitants. Petty thief Vincent ends up in Whateverland after trying to steal from an old woman who turns out to be a witch. Accompanied by the somewhat annoying ghost Nick, Vincent must help or steal from the residents of Whateverland to escape.

Unlike most point and click games, chapters in Whateverland can be completed in any order. This also includes leaving one chapter to start another if you end up stuck. Each chapter can be completed by either stealing from characters, or helping them with their troubles. Vincent's decisions will lead to a number of different endings, revealing more about the strange world he ended up in.

While exploring, you'll run into a number of minigames, along with a more substantial turn-based strategy sport simulator.

Developer Quote

Whateverland is a hand-painted point-n-click adventure game with a branching dialogue system, non-linear gameplay, various endings and unique in-game turn-based board game.