What Lies In The Multiverse

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What Lies In The Multiverse is a 2D puzzle platformer developed by Studio Voyager and IguanaBee, and published by Untold Tales and Doyoyo Games.

Players take control of "Kid", who accidentally travels to another dimension. Drawing the attention of a dimensional traveller named Everett, Kid ends up following this mysterious man on a journey to fix problems across the multiverse. What follows is an adventure across many varied locations, ranging from temples and towns, to corrupt wildernesses.

Basic platforming in What Lies In The Multiverse is fairly standard. However, Kid has the ability to switch between dimensions at the push of a button. This allows them to land on platforms that weren't there before, or reach higher ground that wouldn't be possible in the previous dimension. Frequent use of this mechanic is needed to progress through levels, though these different dimensions also give you a peak into different sides of characters you meet during the story.

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Game Info
Studio Voyager
Doyoyo Games
Release Date
March 4, 2022 (Calendar)