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PC, Android
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April 27, 2022 (Calendar)
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From indie developer Cowleyfornia Studios comes a wholesome narrative adventure game, We'll Always Have Paris

Play as Simon Smith, an elderly man who must balance life after retirement with his spouse Claire, who is slowly losing her memory. Interact with Claire while finding normality in your life as it slowly slips away. Dealing with issues of love, loss, fulfillment, and living a life as things begin to change. It is a quiet, introspective narrative adventure game that explores the personal experiences of memory loss, and the power of love and empathy.

We'll Always Have Paris is available for PC, IOS, and Android devices.

Developer Quote

We'll always have Paris is a short narrative experience about loving someone with dementia.

This is the story of Simon Smith, a retired chef who lives with Claire, his wife of fifty years. Claire is slowly losing her memory, and Simon must balance his love for her with his desire to maintain normality and autonomy over the confusion that is infiltrating both their lives.

We'll always have Paris is a wholesome narrative game that explores the lived experience of memory loss, and the beauty of a love that lasts two lifetimes.