The Way of Wrath

The Way of Wrath
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The Way of Wrath is an RPG set during the Bronze Age. Players return home after a defeat in a war overseas to discover they must repel an invasion that's arriving in ten days. A derelict fort must be rebuilt, and the player's people must be united in order to survive the invasion. Resources must also be secured, allies gathered, enemy camps sabotaged, and a vast world explored. Players will be able to use a full character creation suite with playable origins and exploit a survival system to their advantage. Every NPC in the game has a name and routine, and their relationships and fates depend on the decisions that the player makes each day.

The Way of Wrath will launch on PC in 2022.

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Forge your path as a Bronze Age tribal chieftain in this epic strategy RPG. Lead your tribe in a fight for survival against all odds as the elements, time, and a relentless foe seek to wipe your people out.