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High Level Studios
High Level Studios
Release Date
July 31, 2021 (Calendar)
Action RPG
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From developer High-Level Studios comes a brand new action RPG set in a rich dark fantasy world, called Void Arena

In Void Arena, you fight in the first person against a never-ending string of enemies. Use magic and other means to combat your foes, participate in an IV Act story campaign, enjoy endless gobs of loot, and take your fights online with Void Arena’s competitive multiplayer mode, called The Wilderness. 

The Wilderness can feature up to 100 players, who can join in for solo fights or with a group of five. Fight unique enemies, discover good loot, and fight other players or join forces with them to survive the onslaught. 

Void Arena is currently in Early Access and is planned to be released in the summer of 2021 for the PC, Linux, and Mac. 


Developer Quote

Key Features
Fast-Paced First-Person Combat
IV Act Cinematic Campaign
Seasonal & Permanent Characters
Competitive & Cooperative Multiplayer
Unique Gameplay Mode "The Wilderness"
Endless Loot Progression
Legendary Artifacts directly affect how some abilities work
Expansive Build Diversity
Handcrafted 3D World
Choices Matter: shape the world around you with each decision made
Complete Character Customization
Immersive Crafting System
The Wilderness
Wilderness encounters will feature up to 100 players and can be joined solo or with a group of up to 5. Within the wilderness, players will find unique enemies, delves, and loot. Upon death a player may choose to return to the sanctuary, having lost any non-soulbound loot that they have found. They may also choose to return to life up to three times, and attempt to retrieve that which they have lost.

Itemization in VOID Arena is the underlying system that supports progression in the game. While there is no obvious leveling system in the game, the most impactful versions of items will only drop in higher difficulties. Players benefit from a background loot program that will ensure you get the items that you need, along with a random chance to get almost any items in the game. Items come in varying rarities: Common, Uncommon, Legendary, Artifact & Grand Artifact.

Items can drive stats such as damage, defense, resistances, and elemental bonuses. Some special items can also directly affect the way that skills work. This effect can be as simple as adding extra damage to completely replacing the skills with a new ability.