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Variable State
505 Games
PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date
September 22, 2016 (Calendar)
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Virginia is a first person thriller told entirely in pantomime.

From the website of the game's developer, Variable State:

"Virginia is a first person interactive drama. It is the story of a recently graduated FBI agent and her partner as they seek to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young boy.

Virginia is the recipient of 3 BAFTA nominations4 IGF nominations and the winner of the 2017 Writers' Guild award for Best Writing in a Video Game.

"The game that titles like Dear EstherGone Home and Firewatch have hinted at, but in a way that evolves the interactive narrative form way beyond anything we’ve seen before." - The Telegraph ★★★★★

Virginia is available to download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows and macOS. Play the free Steam demo today."

From Polygon's 100 Best Games of the Decade (2010-2019):


It’s almost impossible to imagine a game like Virginia appearing in the years prior to this past decade. It’s a story about two women detectives who are searching for a missing teenage boy. The women are professional rivals.

This is a game that’s just two hours long, and features no dialogue, yet it has more to say than the vast majority of 40-hour games. Virginia explores how women in the workplace are undermined by patriarchal power structures, including divide-and-conquer strategies. It’s a work of creative courage that tells a deeply engaging story about friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and identity. It’s also a valuable example of how, in the last few years, game developers have embraced complex political and social issues.

Colin Campbell"