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Xbox One
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December 31, 1969 (Calendar)

Vigor is a cut-throat multiplayer experience where the player has to take risks to make progress in the world. Set in a post-nuclear 1990s Norway, players star as a nameless outlander who must survive the landscape against other outlanders in a survival online experience.

Controlling a singular shelter, players must risk their lives, and their supplies, to gain enough resources to slowly improve their living conditions. Fighting against 8-16 players in an online survival situation across multiple maps based on the Norwegian countryside. Players need to run, hide, or take a stand and fight for resources. One false move, and you can lose everything you found in a match. You have one life, so once you die you are removed from the map. There are multiple ways to be killed, be it from other players or encroaching radiation, signalling the end of a multiplayer battle. If you can claim enough resources, including massive air drops of supplies that every player hunts down, your ability to survive allows you to improve not only your shelter, but the equipment you bring in the field.

Be careful though, as other players will not hesitate to kill you and steal your resources for themselves. Radiation also swoops in quickly, so players need to act fast of be left stranded without a chance of surviving. Players will need to play smart in Vigor to maximize your rewards, or be left in the dust completely.

Vigor is a free to play title with loot box microtransactions. So those who need an extra boost to survive can always use real world money to do so.

The game comes from Bohemia Interactive, the team behind the ARMA series, Operation Flashpoint and the upcoming commercial release of DayZ. Vigor will be released to the public in 2019 for the Xbox One.