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Jinsub Jung
Action RPG
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Unsouled is a deep and melancholic action RPG from developer Jinsub Jung and publisher PQube. A man and a woman find themselves imbued with the grisly power of absorbing the souls of the dead. A choice presents itself: use the power for good or use it to let the world fall into ruin. One makes one choice, one makes the other. It's up to you to take down your enemy and restore the world to something resembling normality.

Gameplay-wise, Unsouled is all about hyper-stylish top-down action-RPG combat, and some more hyphens. It's set in a dark, brooding world full of majestic fallen ruins, wide-open spaces, and crumbling castles. If you're a Dark Souls or Hyper Light Drifter fan, come sit by the fire and let Jinsub Jung tell you the tale of how his particular world ended.

Developer Quote

Face your fate – Set in a beautiful but haunting world, Unsouled is an atmospheric Action-RPG about a mysterious power used with deadly purpose. Featuring highly-stylized combat that’s fast-paced and rewarding, there’s less focus on puzzling so no time is wasted on finding the way forward on your journey. Follow the path of fate, and face the challenges that lie ahead in this new game from independent developer Jinsub Jung.

Unravel the tale – Follow the story of a boy and girl with fate intertwined, brought together through a shared ability to absorb the souls of the dead. Discover how they use this power with different intent through environmental storytelling, where more is revealed by interacting with the world around you.

Combine deadly attacks – Counter your opponent and strike, using sword slashes, dashes, and soul powers in a graceful combat system that rewards player dedication. With a variety of unlockable abilities and an additional Training mode, you can learn to quickly dispatch enemies with a lethal arsenal of powerful chain combo attacks.