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Ultimate Games
PC, Xbox Series X|S
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It's a fishing simulator, not a JRPG with a highly complex narrative storyline based around betrayal and intrigue. Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is simply all about fishing and seeks to be the most realistic of them all. Every map is different from the others and sport both summer and winter versions, complete with Ice-covered lakes, shallow trout rivers, and rough autumn seas. Use a variety of fishing techniques to catch fish with realistic models, painstakingly reproduced down to every detail. Not only that, but fish also sport a unique AI system that simulates them even when you don't have a hook in the water, with species behaving differently amongst one another.

Developer Quote

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is a continuation of the hit game released in 2017. Over the past few years, we have collected a lot of feedback from you, which pushed us to create the second part of the game in which you will be able to fully devote yourself to entertainment!
The new visual setting, new physics systems, new places, new functions - all this and more, will provide you with great relaxation and incredible fun.