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Stormling Studios
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Transient is a first-person 3D adventure that blends a cyberpunk aesthetic with Lovecraftian horror games. You play Randolph Carter, a hacker-for-hire from a group called ODIN. Carter lives in Domed City Providence, the home of the last remaining members of the human race after an unspecified apocalyptic event. Carter accidentally stumbles across a horrifying truth and must fight to preserve his sanity and the existence of humankind.

In Transient, you'll explore shifting environments and surreal worlds, discovering the truth behind Domed City Providence and the event that ripped humanity apart. There are plenty of secrets and Easter eggs to discover, as well as a haunting and atmospheric soundtrack to accompany your explorations.

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H.P. Lovecraft meets Cyberpunk. Delve deep into an obscure dystopian world and hold firm to your consciousness, when you stumble upon the terrifying truth about your life in a domed city, a truth that might tear apart your own sanity and question your very existence.