Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers
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Signal Studios
Xbox Game Studios
Release Date
March 3, 2010 (Calendar)

Toy Soldiers was one of the first large hits of the Xbox Live Arcade when it was first introduced to players in 2010. This action/strategy video game has a campaign mode where players fight waves of oncoming army men. You can decide where to place your battlements and then take over those battlements to get into the fight yourself. The entire game is players as if the action is all a diorama of some real battles from World Wars. After release, there were multiple pieces of additional DLC as well as a number of sequels.

It was announced that a HD remake Toy Soldiers HD would be releasing in August 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. This is the first time the franchise will be on a Nintendo console. This HD remake will be published by Accelerated Games.