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META Publishing
Release Date
November 3, 2021 (Calendar)

Time Loader is a physics-based puzzle platformer, featuring a small robot that must travel back to the 90s to prevent a tragic accident.

Your little robot's basic movement consists of trundling along on four wheels, or using a hook to latch onto objects and swing to higher areas. Said hook can also be used to avoid certain dangerous obstacles (well, a cat is certainly dangerous when you're this small).

Later upgrades include booster rockets, harpoons, and more, with all being needed during your journey to change the present. There's not just one way to go though each level however, with different choices in the past potentially having drastic outcomes.

Developer Quote

Time Loader is a story-driven, physics-based puzzle platformer with a twist. At the helm of a small robot, you’ll travel back to the 90s to prevent a tragic accident. Explore the house of your creator, solve brain-teasing puzzles, acquire unique and powerful upgrades, and see common household items from an entirely new perspective!