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super indie karts
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One Legged Seagull
One Legged Seagull
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May 6, 2015 (Calendar)
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Originally crowdfunded in 2014, Super Indie Karts is the long in development indie crossover kart racer by One Legged Seagull that features a wide variety of indie characters. It is based on Mario Kart for the SNES with a mode 7 graphics style, with an additional Ultra Mode based upon the Nintendo 64.

Here's how the developer describes the game:

Super Indie Karts is a classic retro 16-bit style karting game, with Time Trials, Grand Prix, Splitscreen GP, and Battle Modes! With one foot firmly in the past, witness authentic '90s hardware limitations such as:

  • shockingly bad draw distance!
  • incredibly small, almost claustrophobic, tracks!
  • trees and obstacles that pop up 5 yards in front of you!
  • World leading watermelon physics engine! (featuring Blast Processing!)
  • 1992 style screen curvature and motion blur! (optional)
  • Indie Game crossovers you know and love, and some you don't yet know you love!
Play as some super Indie Game crossover characters, coming to battle it out around the world in iconic locations or in some super Indie Game themed tracks! It might get a little bumpy out there though as there are plenty of weapons on the track to give you a spin: Melon Cannons, Exploding Pineapples, Melted Gelatos, Heatseeking Loconuts, and 3 different strength Chilli Boosts!