Super Indie Karts Drives Towards 1996 in Ultra Update on July 19th

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We've seen our fair share of indie crossover games, but it's only very recently that they've started to get goodNicalis is covering the puzzle space and several others are stepping up to the ring with fighting games. But, what about kart racers? Surely this stalwart genre deserves a game with a dozen characters from other games. Thankfully, Steam Early Access already has what you're looking for.

Super Indie Karts is a 16-bit kart racer featuring drivers and tracks from games like Freedom Planet, Runbow, and Duck Game. What's in the game currently is all inspired by the original Super Mario Kart, flat tracks that feature hairpin turns. That's all well and good, but they say that the best Mario Kart is the one you grew up with. Only 90s kids will appreciate the VHS trailer embedded below for Super Indie Karts' Ultra Update.

The Ultra Update releases on July 19th and features an entirely new set of tracks built with N64 design sensibilities. Each one features polygonal obstacles and more modern layouts while retaining the theming of one of the game's crossover locales. The characters don't get the same updates, keeping their sprite look on the new tracks. Still, that's probably for the best considering what Nintendo's first 3D platform generally looked like.

The game already sports four cups based on SNES graphics and four cups set in a neon-inspired VR setting. There's also a battle mode in the works in case you want to get your block fortress on. This update will push the number of tracks to near fifty once fully finished. While development has been slow (the game originally hit Early Access in May of 2015), developer One Legged Seagull stated on Kickstarter that he wanted to include this content in the final release rather than in a future sequel as had originally been planned. In any case, Super Indie Karts looks like a fully featured experience in the making.

Super Indie Karts is currently scheduled for a final release in 2018 on Steam and is currently in Early Access. The author of this article backed Super Indie Karts for $15 during its crowdfunding campaign. It was so long ago that the game came out on Ouya and one of the stretch goals is a GameStick port.

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