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SteamWorld Build is a city-building simulation game that takes place on a dying and decaying planet where players must act quickly in order to escape before it's too late. Players must build their mining town from the ground up, dig up valuable resources, defend their little town from dangerous creatures that lurk below the surface, and uncover lost tech in order to get out while they can. 

It all begins with breaking ground and building houses for your SteamBot citizens to live in. It is up to you to not only locate these valuable resources and technology that have been lost with time but to keep your town goers happy and fed. Scavenging for ores and minerals as well as food and water is a perfect balance, and in order to maintain that balance, everyone in the town will need to work hard and do their jobs right! Players become a manager of every single aspect of this town, and the rise or fall of all of these people depends on them. 

The game comes with different difficulty levels in order to keep things fresh and exciting, as well as several maps to traverse and locate the secrets that lie deep beneath the Earth's surface. Will you thrive? Or will you just barely survive? The choice is yours in SteamWorld Build. 

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December 1, 2023 (Calendar)
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