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Ominux Games
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August 5, 2021 (Calendar)
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Ominux Games brings us Starmancer, an indie simulation/strategy title about surviving in the outer reaches of Space. 

Players are put into the role of a Starmancer, a job where you must lead a colony of humans now stranded in the far reaches of space. Your goal is simple; construct and manage a space station that is capable of sustaining life, and return to humanity by any means necessary. To do this, however, hard choices need to be made, from what jobs your colonists will have to how you feed them.

With its sandbox gameplay, you can transform your space station into a Utopia that helps all, or a desperate bid for survival of the fittest. Everything is customizable, from the station to your overall look and feel, but so long as you manage resources like water and power, you have a chance to survive.

Starmancer is currently in early access and will be available for the PC, Mac, and Linux.


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Sustain Life - Colonists have needs, like hunger and thirst. Build farms and grow crops for food. Place heaters to prevent hypothermia. Construct med bays and assign doctors to treat wounds, cure diseases, and replace limbs.

Express Yourself - Customize your station with unique walling, floors, furniture, and tons of weird and wonderful decorations and objects. Repaint objects to achieve your space station interior design dreams! Place cheerful paintings to remind the colonists how friendly and relatable you are, and motivational posters to let them know how much you value their productivity. Design fancy kitchens, luxurious bedrooms, casinos, and industrial docking bays.

Power, Water, and Atmosphere - Provide power by connecting machines with wires. Prepare against blackouts by creating separate or redundant grids for your vital machines. Use pipes and water recyclers to convert dirty farm water into clean, drinkable water. Establish separate atmospheres with the help of vents and air ducts.


​​​​​​Grow Colonists - Colonists are grown in Incubators, with personas assigned from the minds of Earth civilians stored in memory banks on your station. Create stations full of clones. If tragedy strikes, don’t worry, you can always regrow your favorite colonists!

Jobs - Assign roles like a farmer, doctor, miner, and security guard. Watch as your rookie chef acquires experience and becomes a seasoned pro, unlocking tastier and more exotic recipes.

Unique Colonists - With randomized hair color and style, eye color, and skin color, there are over 8000 visual variations of colonists. These variations go beyond aesthetics, too. Some colonists prefer eating nutrition bricks on the toilet, while others like to drink and socialize in the bar. Every game is different--your station and colonists will be unique to you.

Memories - Colonists remember the good (and bad) things that happen to them - until they inevitably require regrowth (accidents happen). Traumatic experiences, like seeing a dead body, will be remembered for a long time. If left unchecked, these memories will be shared, through gossip, until everyone learns about your Life Support malfunction. .. Leave no witnesses.

Personal Relationships - Colonists get extra sad when something bad happens to a friend, but they love to watch an enemy suffer. If you jettison a popular colonist you might have a mutiny on your hands.

Missions - Send your bravest colonists on dangerous missions across the galaxy to gather resources and discover precious loot!

Be ready to face the consequences, should you fail in your duties as a Starmancer.

Invasion - Your colony will be invaded by creatures from outer space. Build traps, arm your colonists and keep your station secure at all costs.

Insanity - A colonist can only witness so many friends being sucked out of air locks before they snap. No one knows what motivates a crazy colonist; they're simultaneously responsible for the greatest technological innovations and messiest homicidal rampages. This is why doors have locks. It's also why you can depressurize a single room--a great way to enforce bedtime.

Mutiny - Unhappy colonists will stop working. You can cheer them up with motivational posters, tasty treats, and nicer rooms. Be careful, though, when morale gets too low, colonists will actively rebel and attempt to destroy your core. Make an example out of rebels and stamp out any hint of resistance.