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Sky of Tides
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Sky of Tides is a sci-fi narrative title that's set in a technologically advanced universe on the brink of war, with players exploring and healing the broken planet of Numen. Numen has been fractured into nine floating planetoids, and within them there's two rival factions vying for control. There's the Syndicate, who has a monopoly on technology that's barely understood, and Sovereign, who wants to return to the ways of old through the banned Numen Tomes.

Players are Rin, the daughter of a Syndicate researcher Lu D'Lorah, who uncovered a conspiracy to starve the people of Numen before he went missing. As players search, they'll discover friends, foes, and a hidden power that may be the key to healing the planet.

Sky of Tides will launch on PC sometime in the future.