Silver Falls - 3 Down Stars

The three main characters are looking at a star.
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Sungrand Studios
Sungrand Studios
Nintendo 3DS
Release Date
December 24, 2019 (Calendar)

In Silver Falls, the story begins when three individuals are unaffected by three mysterious objects falling from the sky above Silver Falls. The objects turn the local wildlife rabid and freezes the town in a specific moment in time. It is up to Holt, Analise, and Moss to discover the mystery behind the three objects and save their town before it is too late.

Developer Quote

Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars aims to bring a horrific thrill to players in the style of classic survival horror games from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Limited ammunition and recovery items make resource management an exciting challenge. Every fight with enemies can be a fatal encounter. Explore and search every corner of Silver Falls to discovery a variety of weapons. Depending on the player’s actions during the storyline of the game, the story will have vastly different outcomes. Locked in a single moment in time, various lives are in direct danger. By finding these endangered lives and finding a way to avoid fatalities, players can move the story forward and unravel the mystery of the 3 crashed objects.