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Robot House
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December 12, 2017 (Calendar)
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Rumu is an adventure game where you control a small robotic vacuum cleaner named Rumu.

After Rumu's family goes missing the vacuum cleaner begins to explore the house, interacting with its AI named Sabrina. While Sabrina always has excuses as to where the family is, Rumu's exploration around the house leads it begin to question this. Furthermore, Rumu learns about the lives of David and Cecily, the two people who created it. Taking place over the course of seven days, will Rumu be able to figure out what happened to its creators?

In addition to all of this, Rumu is becoming self-aware. The robot is programmed to have a loving personality, yet it's finding itself uncomfortable with some of the facts it discovers along the way. While Sabrina is happy to tell Rumu her motto of "be a good robot", the question remains on what that means.

While you partake in Rumu's story you'll also be doing some basic tacks. Since Rumu is a vacuum cleaner you'll be cleaning up messes left behind by the clumsy scientific couple and their pet cat. As the game progresses Rumu will also gain the ability to look at some of the internal components of the house and rewire it by solving pipe puzzles, allowing Rumu to access new rooms or power up computers. The game also features dialogue choices, letting Rumu express its love for various objects around the house. You will also be able to water plants, collect books, and unlock doors to dive further into the lives of those that lived with Rumu.

Rumu is the first game developed by independent developer Robot House.