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Red Sails Team
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Explore a magical world in Red Sails, a brand new indie game from developer Red Sail Team. 

Play as Sil, as you traverse the vast desert ocean on your makeshift sailing craft as you search the world for your clan, the Red Sails. 

Rescue the stranded people of the desert, speak with them, and ferry them to their destinations across the desert. The world is vast and open, and connecting with other people in the desert adds more of a connection to the world than ever before. Learn about the life and challenges between the people as you meet new villages. 

Learn to master your ship by using the wind to navigate the landscape, which is designed to simulate true sailing. Red Sails offers a challenge for players as they traverse the landscape, with each dune being a tension-filled experience to overcome. 

Red Sails is scheduled for release on the PC. 

Developer Quote

"We wanted to surprise people and whet their curiosity. The visuals call to their imagination with a surreal and dreamlike vision. A desert is quite close to an ocean too; with ripples and dune that can make you think of an agitated sea that was stopped in time. It is also more interesting visually than a flat ocean. We think you can enjoy exploration a lot more in this surreal setting."

- Léonardo Montes Red Sails Team Lead