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Ravenbound is an action-roguelike that is inspired by Scandinavian folklore set in a very dangerous open world. Players embody someone who has been deemed the vessel of the Raven, an "eternal weapon" that was manifested and forged by the imprisoned Gods of the lands. In order to free these Gods, the power of the Raven must be rebuilt in order to maintain its unspoken power. 

Permadeath is a very key component of the game, meaning that yes once a vessel has succumbed to its fate it will no longer exist. With that said, the power and strength these vessels bring to the Raven are not lost, causing you to come back stronger than ever. The fast-paced thrilling combat system keeps things fresh and exciting, as you know that any and every monster or creature who stands in your way will stop at nothing to tear you to shreds. Players will need to hone in on their skills and master whatever combat form they see fit in order to always have the upper hand. 

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Systemic Reaction
Systemic Reaction
Release Date
March 30, 2023 (Calendar)
Roguelite, Action
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