Ravenbound Release Date Brings Open-World Roguelite Carnage In March

Published: February 23, 2023 10:54 AM /


Skeletons leaping towards the player character in Ravenbound

Systemic Reaction has announced the Ravenbound release date. The open-world roguelite, which is inspired by Scandinavian mythology and folklore, is taking wing and soaring towards PC on March 30th, bringing with it a challenging and fast-paced adventure full of open worlds to explore and creatures to vanquish. Oh, and you can turn into a bird.

In Ravenbound, you play as a vessel to a weapon by the name of the Raven. You must work alongside the Raven to restore the island of Ávalt and free its gods, who have been imprisoned by a malevolent force. Vessels are expendable, but the Raven is not; each time you fall in combat, the Raven has the opportunity to grow stronger, but many vessels will likely die on your journey.

Ravenbound was created by Systemic Reaction, the studio responsible for Second Extinction and Generation Zero. The developer is an offshoot of Avalanche Studios, whose name you might recognize from Just Cause and Rage 2 (and not from Hogwarts Legacy, since that was Avalanche Software). You can check out the Ravenbound release date trailer right here.

Ravenbound promises a fast-paced hack-and-slash combat system with plenty of different skills to help you customize your build. Monsters include trolls, huldras, and draugr, as well as many other creatures inspired by Scandinavian and Norse folklore. The visual design of the world is also heavily inspired by Scandinavia, with huge, beautiful landscapes to explore and hulking stone doors carved with runic symbols to decipher.

As you journey through the island of Ávalt, you'll find cards that you can use to upgrade yourself. Some of these cards will be found by chance, but others can be gained by making certain decisions. Cards will help you grow stronger, unlock new classes, and wield new magical weapons, so you should always be on the lookout for them during your journey.

You can check out Ravenbound when it launches on PC via Steam on March 30th. Unfortunately, Systemic Reaction hasn't announced any kind of console release for the game, so it looks like if you want to explore this particular unforgiving Nordic wilderness, you're going to need to do so on PC, at least for now. Stay tuned for more info.

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