The Raven: Remastered

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King Art Games
THQ Nordic
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date
March 13, 2018 (Calendar)
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The Raven: Remastered is an upscaled version of the 2013 point-and-click adventure game by King Art Games. Taking place in 1964 London, players follow police Constable Zellner and an eclectic cast through the case of the missing "Eyes of the Sphinx."

A master thief, The Raven, has somehow returned from the dead for their most significant heist yet. It is up to Zellner to talk with the passengers and follow the clues to figure out what's going on.

Players will travel through multiple locales in their search, including an exotic cruise ship and a museum of valuable artifacts in Cairo. Zellner will engage in conversation, search for hidden items, and decipher who is telling the truth in this convoluted network of tales.

The Raven also incorporates puzzles to shake up the gameplay. Players will have to read through Zellner's notes and search through the environment to solve them, much like an actual detective would.