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Unbound Creations
Unbound Creations
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April 15, 2021 (Calendar)
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Ready for some good fun in ruining others' days? Rain on Your Parade by indie developer Unbound Creations hopes to do just that, in the most fun way possible!

Play as a raincloud who is determined to ruin everyone’s day in the most mischievous way possible. Travel across the world, turning sunny days into wet messes, unleashing thunderstorms in major cities, and even rain down meteors on dinosaurs! Gain more abilities as you play, changing the weather to cause as much chaos as possible as this rouge raincloud. 

Rain on Your Parade is a quirky comedy game that is available on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.


Developer Quote

Travel the world

Travel across the world, inventing new ways of causing chaos and mayhem. Turn the perfectly dry and sunny wedding day into a wet one, unleash thunder and lightning upon the cities, bring pandemonium to supermarket shoppers, destroy farmer’s crops, sneak around military bases, and rain down meteors on dinosaurs! Yes, not even the dinosaurs are safe!
Unlock new abilities

As you progress in the game you will unlock new and more comical methods of causing bedlam. Use thunder and lightning to scare people out of hiding and set things alight, tornados to suck up everything that gets in its path, rain explosive material that you can blow up and even entire meteors and much more.

* Ruin people's day with rain, thunder, lightning, tornados, and many more abilities.
* Travel the world in over 50 levels causing disorder and havoc to weddings, cities, farms, military bases, parking lots, and much more.
* Give the mischievous cloud your personal touches. Draw a unique face and choose the hat it wears.
* An upbeat and silly soundtrack that encapsulates the nature of the game.