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October 8, 2019 (Calendar)

Rabbids Coding is an educational game intended to teach the young and old alike how to code. Mischievous Rabbids have ruined a spaceship, and it's up to you to tell them what to do to fix it.

Developer Quote

Rabbids Coding is a game created to be a fun and engaging educational experience, giving people the tools to get excited about learning to code. Players are tasked with cleaning up a spaceship that has been overrun by the Rabbids, which can be achieved by either providing simple instructions to a Rabbid wearing a mind-control device, or by dropping sausages in their line of sight.

The game doesn't require any previous knowledge of coding at all; instructions are simple and can be dragged from a menu, placed in order, and tested with the play button. Didn't get the results you were expecting? Don't worry, just see where it went wrong, move some things around, and try again!