Ubisoft Announces Free Rabbids Coding Game

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Ubisoft Announces Free Rabbids Coding Game

October 2, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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October 8, 2019 (Calendar)

Ubisoft has announced a new educational game starring everyone's favorite furry mischief-makers. Rabbids Coding is coming on October 8th and will be free for everyone to download.

In a blog post on its official website, Ubisoft breaks down the reasons behind creating Rabbids Coding. The studio says that programming and computer logic education "is an increasingly important topic" and that it's important for young people to learn how to code. Rabbids Coding is intended to be a fun and engaging educational experience that teaches young people how to code in an intuitive and enjoyable way.

A Rabbid with a sink plunger in Rabbids Coding

In Rabbids Coding, you'll be tasked with cleaning up a spaceship that's been overrun by the Rabbids. There are two ways to do this: providing direct instructions to the Rabbids via mind-control helmet or dropping sausages into their line of sight. Rabbids will chase sausages you put down, but they'll also execute direct commands you give to them, so you'll need to choose which one you need in different situations.


Ubisoft says you won't need any prior experience with coding to play Rabbids Coding. It's been designed to allow you to play with the concepts of coding without supervision, too, so teachers won't need to be heavily involved. Rabbids Coding will feature a series of basic instructional levels designed to teach students the mechanics. After you've completed these levels, you'll unlock a sandbox mode in which you can simply play around with the Rabbids and try out different instructions for them to follow.

An in-game screenshot of Rabbids Coding

Rabbids Coding will be available to play for free on October 8th. If you're of reading age, you're old enough to enjoy Rabbids Coding. Ubisoft hopes the game will be adopted in classrooms and educational facilities around the world. It looks like a pretty adorable way to introduce kids to coding, so I hope it succeeds.

Would you use Rabbids Coding in a classroom? Thinking of trying it yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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