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Nito Souji
Nito Souji
Action, Casual, Indie
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A bizarre title from developer Nito Souji, Pull Stay is the wacky adventure about a young, jobless guy named Susumu, whose considered a shut-in, or Hikikomori, in Japan. Folks are flocking to Susumu. Some are worried about him, others want to make fun of him, and others just want to observe him. If any enemy touches Susumu, the game ends, but thankfully you can fight back.

Featuring some old school beat 'em up mechanics, where you learn new moves by smacking each enemy-type in the game, and tower-defense mechanics, with kooky traps such as the watermelon bazooka and the baked fish missile.

Pull Stay will be available in 2021, and will be coming to the PC.