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PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Project Resistance is the untold story of Resident Evil before the first Raccoon City outbreak, when Umbrella was testing their traps and viruses on unsuspecting civilians they kidnapped and forced to partake in their twisted experiments. You can play as a Survivor or a Mastermind. If you choose Survivor, you'll have four characters to pick from. Play as January Van Sant the hacker, Valerie Harmon the healer, Samuel Jordan the melee specialist, or Tyrone Henry the tank, as they try and escape from Umbrella's sadistic torture. Or, play as Daniel Fabron, the Mastermind behind the whole thing, and stop the survivors from escaping the facility at all costs.

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Capcom's Project Resistance is a new 1 vs. 4 asymmetric online survival horror experience set in the world of Resident Evil. Unleash your inner evil as a cunning Mastermind or join the fight as one of the resourceful Survivors desperately trying to escape every obstacle the Mastermind puts in their way! Survivors will win if they manage to escape before time runs out. The Mastermind will win if they manage to prevent all survivors from escaping.

They secretly kidnap young people for the purpose of data gathering.
By forcing these youths into desperate situations, the Mastermind aims to gather valuable research data on how the subjects respond to fear. The Mastermind will not face the Survivors directly. Instead, they observe through the security cameras, setting traps to prevent their escape.

A group of youths with different backgrounds who were captured by Umbrella for use in its experiments.
They only have one objective: escape. Survivors will need to use their unique skills effectively to cover each other and defeat the creatures together. Cooperation and coordination are vital to success.