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Surma Games
Spawn Point OSK
Release Date
July 17, 2019 (Calendar)
Adventure, RPG
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A call-back to the game mechanics of old, Please The Gods features turn-based diceroll combat while featuring a flexible skilltree. Journey to the land of the Gods and vanquish deadly beasts of Finnish mythology, while surviving in the unforgiving wilderness in order to earn the favour of the ancient pagan Gods.

Developer Quote

Your family is starving and only a miracle can save you. Set on a journey to the land of the Gods to find the legendary Sampo, a treasure of endless riches and nourishment. Please the Gods is an atmospheric old school fantasy roleplaying game, inspired by shamanistic Finnish mythology and tabletop classics such as Hero Quest.

Old-school dice combat – Swap, destroy and manipulate enemy dice in this modern twist of classic dice combat.

Flexible skill tree – Overcome your enemies with clever use of your combat skills: Hunting, Survival, Lore and Companion dog.

Encounter mythical creatures and monsters – Vanquish Finnish mythology’s infamous monsters such as the shapeshifting Water Hag and the Netherworld’s Restless Dead.

Survive the unforgiving Nordic wilderness – Hunt, fish and forage to gather the strength to survive in the harsh Finnish nature.

Earn the favour of the Gods – perform quests for ancient pagan Gods: Ahti, the elusive God of the Depths, Tapio, the gentle God of Forests and Nyyrikki, the fierce Goddess of Hunt.