Pascal's Wager

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Giant Global
PC, Android, IOS
Release Date
March 12, 2021 (Calendar)
Action RPG
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Pascal's Wager is a dark Action-RPG by developer TipsWorks. 

Play as a Courier in this dark fantasy world of Solas. A Dark Mist, once dispelled by the mighty Colossi, has engulfed the land. As a Courier, you will explore various locations, mastering the art of combat through the eyes of five unique playable characters. Put all of your skills to the test against insurmountable odds. Will you and your allies survive the onslaught of destruction around you?

With Souls-style combat and aesthetics, Pascal's Wager was originally a mobile game for both Android and iOS devices. Now, developer TipsWorks and publisher Giant Global would release Pascal's Wager: The Definitive Edition for the PC.