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Max Mraz
Max Mraz
Release Date
January 21, 2021 (Calendar)
Action RPG, Indie
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Ocean's Heart is a classic, top-down action-RPG from developer Max Mraz and publisher Nordcurrent. 

Play as Tillia, a young woman who sets out to search for her missing father. She eventually follows his trail through the ruins of a flooded kingdom, filled with many hidden secrets and breathtaking landscapes. Featuring a top-down style inspired by classics such The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Ocean's Heart is all about exploring the beautiful world, encountering dangerous foes, and uncovering ancient mysteries using a variety of weapons, magic, and a crafting system to expand your arsenal even further. 

Will Tillia find her father, and subsequently change the course of history in this retro-inspired adventure? 

Ocean's Heart is currently planned for a PC only release. 

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Game Features

Retro-inspired action RPG with modern trimmings.

A lively and gorgeously pixeled world full of secrets free to explore at your own pace.

Menacing enemies and tense boss fights that’ll keep you on your toes.

An exciting array of weapons, spells, and abilities. Experiment to find your favorites for every situation and foe.

Unique, character-driven sidequests with heartwarming or twisted stories that expand upon the world’s lore.

Foraging and crafting elements to increase your chances of survival in a nasty fight.

Quirky charm and humor to keep you smiling on your extraordinary adventure!