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Blazing Griffin
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August 25, 2021 (Calendar)
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Murder Mystery Machine is a brand new adventure game where you must use your skills to solve a case like a real detective.

Play as Cassandra Clarke, a rookie in the District Crime Agency, and join detective Nate Huston, as you investigate the murder of a prominent politician. Scour the crime scene for evidence in this isometric-styled adventure, navigating perspectives to uncover clues. Organize your evidence, from suspect interviews to forensic findings, to connect the dots and formulate a picture for your crime.

Featuring a narrative written by the BAFTA-winning production company Blazing Griffin, Murder Mystery Machine has you think like a real detective in this noir-inspired storyline. Murder Mystery Machine is available for the PC.


Developer Quote

Explore detailed, isometric crime scenes, navigating perspectives to uncover new clues. Question suspects in the area, and find contradictions in evidence to catch them out. Can you tell apart the red herrings from the key to the case?

Gather walls of evidence from crime scenes, interviews with suspects, and forensic results. It’s up to you to keep your workspace organized so you don’t miss anything, and cut through to the real who, what, and why.

Enjoy a rich and immersive story inspired by film noir, written by film & TV professionals at BAFTA-winning production company Blazing Griffin. With complex characters and dark, pervasive settings, expect the unexpected as the scales of justice are tilted.