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Moonroof Studios
Moonroof Studios
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August 12, 2022 (Calendar)
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Moondrop is a roguelite nonviolent farming simulator where players must try to survive the mists of time as long as they possibly can. While it will eventually end your farm and their run, in the meantime players will have to carefully position their crops for maximum growth while also dealing with plants that will teleport around their farm and cannibalize their neighbors. There's also a procedurally generated mountain trail "dungeon" that's filled with puzzles, secrets, and powerful potion ingredients that will help players survive.

Once the players' farm is consumed by the mists, they'll have to rebuild while also using new upgrades, perks, and magical items that you've unlocked. Eventually, they'll reach the top of the mountain and uncover its mysteries.

Moondrop will release on Steam on August 12, 2022.