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February 25, 2020 (Calendar)
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The Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection collects six classic action platformers from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. The four Mega Man Zero games, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man ZX Advent come together to offer hours of hack-and-slash platforming set in the far future. Join Zero as he reawakens from a century-long sleep, as he has to learn the ways of the new world around him. His old friend, X, leads humanity with an iron fist, killing any reploids who oppose him. Meanwhile, the ZX series takes place centuries afterward, chronicling a story about humans learning to harness the powers of old heroes.

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Developer Quote

Featuring brand-new elements, the six ZERO and ZX titles in this collection make their way to the latest gaming platforms!

Join Zero, the reploid in red, on his journey after the Mega Man X series!
Zero and his buddy in blue, X, fought together to take down Sigma.
Their story continues in this compelling sequel to Mega Man and Mega Man X!
Will good prevail?

Mega Man Zero Series
This series is set a few hundred years after Mega Man X and follows Zero, the legendary reploid. All four titles featured in the Mega Man Zero series are included. Get supercharged by the deep story, the joy of slicing through enemies with your Z Saber, and the heaps of speedy action!

Mega Man ZX Series
This series ventures even farther into the future—a few hundred years after the events of Mega Man Zero. The epic tale begins when a young boy or girl encounters biometal. Both titles featured in the series are included. As you blast your way through the missions, the searchable area increases and the story unfolds!