Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond
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Electronic Arts
PC, Oculus Rift
Release Date
December 10, 2020 (Calendar)
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The iconic World War 2 video game series returns with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, this time coming to virtual reality to immerse players like they have never been before. 

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has you play a OSS soldier in war-torn Europe. Featuring a deep single-player campaign, players will fight through historical events on land, sea, and air, as they fight to sabotage Nazi bases and aid the French Resistance, all in an effort to subvert the Nazi war machine. 

Along with the standard campaign modes, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond also features brand new mechanics only possible in VR. Use anything as cover, throw back grenades, swim, dive and and jump your way through tough spots to stay alive. Experience living history through the eyes of a soldier this way, found only on the Oculus Rift and Steam VR.