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Studio Fizbin
Headup Games
Release Date
July 15, 2021 (Calendar)
Indie, Adventure
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Lost At Sea is the story of a woman named Anna, who is 'lost' on a mysterious island that slowly begins to show itself to be more than it seems.

In truth, Lost at Sea is an introverted adventure that has the players experience memories and moments in Anna's life, as she begins to wonder about her past to ask the question "Did I do it right?" to herself. Each memory is a unique biome on the island, and you must explore the surroundings, solve puzzles and riddles, and slowly reclaim lost memories. You need to be careful though, as your fears will constantly chase you, looking to prevent you from moving forward.

Lost At Sea is available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X, and the PC. 

Developer Quote


A personal story: Experience moments from someone’s life first-hand and help the main character relive and re-assess them to move on
Island of the mind: Explore the different phases of life, each of them with their own beautiful biome on the island
Beautiful memories: Gorgeous illustrations capture the essence of the most important moments in Anna’s life, while elaborate sound design brings her deepest fears to life
Face your fears: Did I make the right choices? Did I fail my loved ones? As Anna, face all fears head-on, or walk away from them until you’re ready
Game to remember: Unlock memories with specifically designed minigames and puzzles that capture these memories in unique gameplay