Lila's Sky Ark

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Monolith of Minds
Graffiti Games
PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
April 21, 2022 (Calendar)
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Lila's Sky Ark is a colorful, imaginative world from indie developer Monolith of Minds.

Explore a groovy, psychedelic world to unravel Lila's storyline. Discover secrets and solve puzzles, while battling beasts and hardcore bosses using your skill and guile, and some magical alchemy. Unlock new alchemy recipes providing you plenty of weapons to take down your foes, but be careful as the fight will still be tough. With a heavy emphasis on music as well, Lila's world is a magical place which allows Lila to explore tough themes like loss, loneliness, grief, and more.  

Lila's Sky Ark is available for the PC, MacOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch

Developer Quote

Explore Lila's pyschedlic world and get to know her quirky cast of friends, such as the fantastically bespectacled Doctor-Father-Sir and the raven shopkeepers.
Search this groovy dreamscape for hidden secrets, recipes, and even new glasses for a certain Sir.
Unravel Lila's puzzle-like story, which explores themes such as loss, loneliness, grief, and depression, in this moving prequel to Resolutiion.
Battle music-inspired enemies and punishing bosses using an array of strange weapons unlocked through alchemy recipes.