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Chump Squad
Chump Squad
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March 31, 2021 (Calendar)
Puzzle, Indie
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Lab Rat is a new, hand crafted puzzle game where the player must maneuver objects, divert lasers, and manipulate electricity to overcome 100+ surprising genre-bending puzzles. Players need to outwit a metrics-obsessed machine hell bent on heckling you throughout your sad existence in this satirical take on machine-generated video games. The AI will develop a misguided understanding of humanity over time based on how you perform, but  your goal is to survive and solve puzzles, so don't stress it too much!

Lab Rat is developed by a team of veteran developers, including Gwen Frey, co-creator of The Flame and the Flood, with art by Mike Snight of Bioshock Infinite fame, writing by Matthew Burns, and the puzzles by Lucas Le Slo. Lab Rat is planned for a 2021 release, and is currently in beta on the PC. 


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Key Features:

Maneuver objects, divert lasers, and manipulate electricity to overcome 100+ surprising genre-bending puzzles.
Outwit a metrics-obsessed machine intent on heckling you for your humanity.
View and contribute to in-game analytics that are updated in real time with real player data.

The Game:

Lab Rat is a hand-crafted narrative puzzler masquerading as a machine-generated video game. This satirical adventure stars a metrics-obsessed AI who will monitor, profile, and guide you as you solve over a hundred unique spatial problems. Over time this AI will develop a hilariously-misguided understanding of humanity based on your performance and survey response data.

The Team:

While Lab Rat pokes fun at the absurdity of algorithmically-generated interactions, this game is lovingly hand-crafted by a team of expert human developers. Lab Rat is directed by Gwen Frey (creator of Kine & co-creator of The Flame in the Flood). It features environment art by Mike Snight (Lead World Builder, Bioshock Infinite), writing by Matthew Burns (creator of Eliza), and puzzles by Lucas Le Slo (beloved experimental puzzle designer).