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PC, Xbox
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February 28, 2020 (Calendar)
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The second game in the Kingdom Under Fire series, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders was a unique blend of real-time strategy and hack-and-slash gameplay. Set in a high-fantasy world where two factions—the humans and forces of darkness—are at war over sacred ground. Build your squads of troops and upgrade them with weapons, armor, and magical abilities to gain a strategic advantage against your enemies. Even take control of your hero characters personally to fight in the thick of battle yourself. 

Originally developed by Korean studio Phantagram, after nearly 16 years, The Crusaders returns in 2020 with a brand new port by developer Blueside. This PC port contains full controller support, along with mouse & keyboard support and widescreen HD. This cult classic finally comes home to a wider audience.

Developer Quote

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders brings the 2004 cult action-strategy hybrid hit to PC. Take up arms and lead massive fantasy armies from the front lines.

Experience an epic scale medieval warfare!! Conquer your foes with sword and sorcery, steel and strategy!
Enhanced for modern PCs.
- Full controller support (we recommend using a gamepad for the optimal experience) plus an all-new mouse & keyboard mode.
- Revisit classic battlefields in widescreen HD.
- The thundering guitar soundtrack returns. Metal heavier than any knight’s plate!

Adapt and survive on an ever-changing battlefield.
- Charge with the sun at your cavalry’s backs to blind your targets.
- Burn your enemy out of forests, or hide behind dense walls of smoke.
- Claim the high ground and crush your foes in the valleys below.
- High winds blow smoke and deflect arrows, and rain douses flame.
- Watch the skies; falling aerial units can make an impression on infantry.
- Close ranks in melee, and scatter your troops as artillery rains down.

Hack and slash through armies as a powerful hero.
- Become a master of arms as you directly control one of four legendary heroes.
- Master each hero’s special attacks and combos and wreak havoc on your foes.
- Change the tide of battle. Cut down officers and watch their ranks crumble.
- Call on allied heroes to assist you in battle, each with their own unique skills & spells.
- One warrior can’t win the war. Command your troops from the tactical map as you fight.

Reforge your soldiers in the fires of war:
- Watch the campaign unfold across a 3D world map, and lead your troops across it.
- Spend the spoils of war on upgrading and customizing your troops.
- Level up your units, equip them or change their class to fit your strategy.
- Assign powerful special abilities and spells to your troops to call upon in battle.
- Fill your army with spectacular special units including airships and giant monsters.

Your armies stand ready and await orders, commander.