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Silent Hill 2 Fog on the streets and Pyramid Head

Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Asks Fans to be Patient as Production Is Going Smoothly

Back in October 2022, Konami and Bloober Team announced the remake of Silent Hill 2,  but since then, fans haven't heard much about the fate of the beloved game.  Today, Bloober Team broke the…

November 26, 2023 | 06:31 EST

The cover art for Fatal Frame: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse, showcasing the protagonist Ruka Minazuki staring towards something with the titular mask in her hand.

Fatal Frame: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse Review

While the Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space remakes takes up everyone’s time and money for their big expensive returns to generational statements, spare a thought for the boy in blue. 2008’s Fatal Frame…

March 8, 2023 | 08:00 EST

RWBY: Arrowfell gameplay header,  RWBY: Arrowfell release date

RWBY: Arrowfell Release Date Announced

Prepare to see team RWBY in a whole new light, as the RWBY: Arrowfell release date has been announced. Coming November 15, 2022, players will embark on a perilous journey through the continent of …

October 31, 2022 | 04:33 EDT

Fighting an enemy in Silent Hill

Where Can I Play Silent Hill This October?

Ah, October. In many parts of the U.S. the leaves are turning, the air is getting cooler, people are putting up their Halloween decorations, and survival horror fans are looking for the perfect game…

October 10, 2022 | 12:00 EDT

inkulinati gameplay cover

Inkulinati is Strategic, Stylish, and Pretty Darn Complicated

They do say that the pen is mightier than the sword - and in the case of Inkulinati, that concept is pretty literal. The turn-based strategy game adds small roguelite-esque elements as you move from…

October 10, 2022 | 11:00 EDT

James Sunderland looking at himself in the mirror in Silent Hill 2

Why the Silent Hill Soundtrack Deserves Much More Credit

More than 20 years after the release of the first game, Silent Hill has captured our thoughts of what a psychological horror game looks and feels like. The tension, uneasiness, gloominess, loneliness…

October 7, 2022 | 12:00 EDT

BJ Blazkowicz aiming his gun at an enemy in Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D Available In Germany After 30 Years

Wolfenstein 3D has been classified in Germany for the very first time, finally allowing German gamers to officially experience this influential old-school FPS. Due to its Nazi imagery, the game had…

September 16, 2022 | 11:18 EDT

Gordon Freeman standing and looking at a bridge while holding a crossbow in the Half-Life 2 mod that mirrors the game

Half-Life 2 Mod Mirrors The Entire Game

A new Half-Life 2 mod has been released, and unlike many other mods, this one isn't adding any huge new content or overhauling mechanics. Instead, it just mirrors the entire game, so everything that…

September 12, 2022 | 09:29 EDT

Half Life 2 VR header

Half-Life 2: VR Mod Finally Getting Public Beta After 5 Years

If you have a VR setup and want to play more Half-Life after Half-Life: Alyx, you'll soon be able to play Half-Life 2 thanks to the Half-Life 2: VR mod launching its Open Beta in September 2022.…

August 10, 2022 | 09:30 EDT

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2
Game Page

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 is an ARPG that's based in and around the city of Baldur's Gate. The game features 5 playable classes, 80 levels, and dozens of locations to hack and slash through.…

July 15, 2022 | 04:01 EDT

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 Remaster Releases Soon

The Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 remaster is finally releasing on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, along with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on July 20, 2022. The hack and…

July 11, 2022 | 09:52 EDT

Crypto descending!

Crude Crypto Goes Global In Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

There are tons of games about aliens arriving on Earth. Many popular titles deal with humans banding together in order to fight an outer space force with superior technology. You've got the newest…

May 31, 2022 | 11:00 EDT

Half-Life Ravenholm Gameplay Arkane cover

Gameplay for Canceled Half-Life Ravenholm Game Revealed by Noclip

New gameplay footage of the canceled Half-Life Ravenholm game has been revealed by Noclip, giving us insight into a Half-Life game we never got to play. Back in 2020, documentary company NoClip…

May 4, 2022 | 03:43 EDT

Cult Of The Lamb

Cult of the Lamb: A New Contender for the Roguelike Crown?

I love The Binding of Isaac. Anybody who knows me will tell you that. It’s not only the game on Steam that I have the most hours in, but it’s the game I have the most hours in across any platform.…

April 27, 2022 | 12:00 EDT

Krystal in the Half-Life 2 Krystal mod

Half-Life 2 Krystal Mod Stars The Original VA

Have you ever wanted to play a Half-Life 2 Star Fox mod that replaces Alyx Vance with Krystal? Well, that's exactly what modder Gagnetar is creating. His new Half-Life 2 Krystal mod swaps out Gordon…

April 15, 2022 | 11:47 EDT

Dimensional crossroads.

What Lies In The Multiverse Review

I think most of us would revel in the idea of living in the multiverse and recent studies have shown that that may be the case. Of course, that doesn't mean we're anywhere close to visiting parallel…

March 3, 2022 | 10:00 EST

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance PC release date cover.jpg

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance PC Version is Here

It's finally time: the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance PC version has arrived, bringing classic Dungeons & Dragons action RPG to Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance…

December 17, 2021 | 09:00 EST

A screenshot from the trailer of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player.

Cut Wolfenstein Campaign Recreated in RealRTCW

Back when Return to Castle Wolfenstein was still a new game, there were plans to create an expansion to the game that would feature a squad-based single-player component. However, the game, which…

November 22, 2021 | 12:28 EST

Half-Life 2 Breaking the Bar event cover

Half-Life 2 Breaking The Bar Event Breaks Half-Life 2 User Record

Update - 11:30 AM August 14th, It's official, Lambda Generation's Half-Life 2 Breaking the Bar event has officially led to the community shattering the Half-Life 2 peak player count record. At the…

August 14, 2021 | 07:40 EDT

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance Nintendo Switch release date cover

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Nintendo Switch Release Date Delayed

The Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Nintendo Switch release date has been unexpectedly delayed, pushing back the surprising revival of this classic console game. If you've never played Baldur's Gate:…

May 7, 2021 | 02:08 EDT

Doom 3 Key Art
Game Page

Doom 3

The third and hotly anticipated sequel to Doom 2, Doom 3 takes the series in a new direction, one with atmospheric horror as its primary design.  Fight off the denizens of hell once more, as demons…

September 29, 2020 | 09:22 EDT

Return to Castle Wolfenstein gamepage header
Game Page

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, series' hero and special agent B. J. Blazkowicz must thwart the Nazi's attempts at occult rituals and twisted science. Infiltrating castle strongholds, villages,…

May 24, 2020 | 10:16 EDT

Return to Castle Wolfenstein header
TR Originals

Bullet Points: Return to Castle Wolfenstein's Supernatural Atmosphere

On Memorial Day, we celebrate the fallen heroes who have given their life to protect our country. These heroes of war are celebrated in video games by characters like B. J. Blazkowicz, famed Nazi…

May 25, 2020 | 11:00 EDT

Half-Life 2 Screenshot.

Half-Life 2: Remastered Listing Found on Steam

Half-Life 2: Remastered has been found on SteamDB, with a cool little logo and everything. That doesn't mean it's the real thing, as even the SteamDB staff has made a statement stating that it's "…

May 7, 2020 | 01:04 EDT

Half-Life soundtrack cover

Half-Life Soundtrack Finally Available for Streaming

While the missing DOOM Eternal soundtrack has been pretty bad news for fans of great gaming music, there's also some good news in the audio department today — the entire Half-Life soundtrack is now…

March 12, 2020 | 03:00 EDT

Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water

We're Ready for Fatal Frame 6

Fatal Frame is considered by many to be a classic among horror games. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new entry. The most recent title, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, was…

March 4, 2020 | 12:00 EST

Promotional artwork for Fatal Frame showing Miku Hinasaki next to the Camera Obscura.
Game Page

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame is a survival horror game (and franchise) that involves encounters with hostile spirits. The story of the inaugural Fatal Frame is focused on two siblings, Miku and Mafuyu Hinasaki, who…

March 4, 2020 | 01:43 EST

Kingdom Under Fire Crusaders Title
Game Page

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

The second game in the Kingdom Under Fire series, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders was a unique blend of real-time strategy and hack-and-slash gameplay. Set in a high-fantasy world where two…

February 28, 2020 | 12:55 EST

Kingdom Under Fire Crusaders Title

Reliving my Teenage Nostalgia with Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Time is a funny thing. As it passes, the present becomes our reality—if only for a fleeting moment—while we look back at our past, sometimes fondly for what it was. Time breathes life into our…

February 29, 2020 | 11:00 EST

Street Fighter II RepliCade cabinet

This Street Fighter II Arcade Machine Is A Knockout Punch

Like most people who grew up in the 90s and early millennium, the dream of having an arcade at home isn’t an uncommon one. While modern consoles, smartphones, and practically anything with a screen…

November 7, 2019 | 12:00 EST

Street Fighter 2
Game Page

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II is one of the series most prolific titles in which you travel the world beating up caricatures of various people from a diverse set of backgrounds, ethnicities, and martial arts…

September 5, 2020 | 10:03 EDT

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance Artwork
Game Page

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Follow the adventure of three heroes as they embark on a quest to discover the conspiracy plaguing the city of Baldur's Gate, and the resurrection of an ancient evil from the mysterious place known…

October 27, 2019 | 05:42 EDT

Half-Life 2
Game Page

Half-Life 2

Released in 2004, Half-Life 2 is considered a classic of the genre and it's importance in PC gaming, in particular, is hard to overstate with its emphasis on the gravity gun, and requiring Steam to…

September 28, 2019 | 09:37 EDT

Half-Life 2 screenshot of player fighting helicopter

Blink and You'll Miss This Small Half-Life 2 Update

Think of your favorite game. Now picture the NPCs of that game in your head. How often do you notice when these NPCs blink? Can you say for certain that they even do blink? Now that you’re aware of…

September 28, 2019 | 09:36 EDT

doom 3 - archvile (featured image)

Doom 3's Inner Demons: A Conflicted Design

Fifteen years ago, id Software released Doom 3, a game with enormous expectations. Join me as I consider the shortcomings that kept it from becoming a true classic. Doom 3 is a conflicted game.…

August 3, 2019 | 12:00 EDT

metal wolf chaos xd devolver digital e3

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Delayed Into Next Year

Publisher Devolver Digital announced on Twitter that Metal Wolf Chaos XD has been delayed into "mid-2019." Originally announced at the PC Gaming Show at E3, Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a modern…

August 21, 2018 | 10:45 EDT

metal wolf chaos logo original
Game Page

Metal Wolf Chaos

Before Dark Souls, before Chromehounds, there was Metal Wolf Chaos. One of the most sought-after and patriotic games of all time, Metal Wolf Chaos is a chaotic third-person shooter that shot to…

August 21, 2018 | 10:21 EDT

Simpsons Hit & Run Cover
Game Page

The Simpsons: Hit & Run

The Simpsons: Hit & Run is an open world game based on the popular cartoon series The Simpsons. Developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal, Hit & Run borrows…

April 15, 2017 | 11:00 EDT

Simpsons Hit & Run Cover

Rewind Review - The Simpsons Hit & Run

The Simpsons has a long and colorful history, thanks in part to it being the longest running cartoon show of all time. Years of Simpsons episodes—some iconic, some terrible—offer up a pop culture…

April 15, 2017 | 11:00 EDT


Best Gaming Sequel - Silent Hill 2

The original Silent Hill is a dead canary. The coal mine it was sent down was the objective of its development team to create a survival horror game in the vein of Resident Evil, but with a more…

September 24, 2016 | 01:00 EDT

Game Page

Silent Hill 2

The second entry into Konami's legendary horror series, Silent Hill 2 follows James as he investigates letters from his dead wife.

September 18, 2016 | 09:26 EDT

James Sunderland Silent Hill 2 Character Select
TR Originals

Character Select: James Sunderland

This week is going to be a tough nut to crack, because the protagonist in question is one of the most psychologically complex characters in a video game, in a genre that warrants some prior knowledge…

May 20, 2016 | 11:00 EDT