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Coatsink Software
Coatsink Software
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December 17, 2020 (Calendar)

Jurassic World Aftermath is a stealth game developed and published by Coatsink Software. Originally created for VR and releasing on the Oculus Quest (published by Oculus Studios), the base game and its "Part 2" DLC were bundled together for a non-VR release on the Switch.

Taking place 2 years after the Jurassic World film, Jurassic World Aftermath sees you taking control of Sam, who is sent to Isla Nublar to obtain information from its ruins. Unsurprisingly, things end up going wrong as he becomes trapped in a dinosaur-filled research facility. Sam must carefully explore the facility, solving puzzles while avoiding 3 Velociraptors that are out to get him.

Part 2 takes players to the highest and lowest parts of the facility, as you explore both Dr. Henry Wu's office and a secret vault hidden beneath the ground. Sam will have to content with even more dinosaurs to reach the story's conclusion.

Developer Quote

Jurassic World Aftermath is a suspenseful VR survival adventure. Crash-landing on Isla Nublar after the fall of Jurassic World, you find yourself trapped in a research facility when your mission to recover valuable information goes disastrously wrong. To survive, you’ll need to explore and solve puzzles while distracting and evading the three ferocious Velociraptors that stalk your every move.